About Us

In operation since 2011, Frankton Car Wash (formerly Scrubbers Car Wash) is the convenient go to vehicle wash facility for individuals living in the central city and wider parts of Hamilton. Our facility utilises top of the line equipment and products from Gin San Industries, Wash World Inc. and Turtle Wax Pro.    

The facility offers customers excellent safety, being located on a very busy intersection with large traffic flows passing by. There is the added comfort of motion activated lighting throughout the facility for customers who prefer to do their cleaning at night.    

At Frankton Car Wash we welcome all customers whether you’re a 9-5 office worker, car enthusiast, soccer mum or tradie. Our facility is setup to cater to all needs.   

Frankton Car Wash is the easiest, quickest and most environmentally friendly way to wash your vehicle. We collect our own rainwater for use in the facility and actively contribute to conserving the cities’ precious water supply. All contaminants are retained on site through our waste receptors and disposed of using Council approved contractors.   

On average, when you hose wash your vehicle at home, you may use as much as 400 litres of water. At Frankton Car Wash, the average wash uses substantially less water than you would at home.

We utilise environmentally friendly cleaning agents which provide superior cleaning results.