Recommendation for off road vehicles or those having travelled through road works.

1. High Pressure Rinse: Apply high pressure soap to entire vehicle to remove all heavy materials from panels and under vehicle.

2. De-Greaser: Spray wheels and lower panels.

3. Pre-Soak: Spray entire vehicle with pre-soak solution working from bottom up.

4. Foam Brush: Brush foam all over the vehicle.

To prevent scratching wash the brush with the high pressure rinse before use and ensure foam is flowing from brush.

5. High Pressure Rinse: Rinse entire vehicle to remove foam.

6. Finishing options:

Option 1 – Triple Foam Conditioner: Apply to entire vehicle.
Option 2 – Clear Coat Protectant: Apply to entire vehicle.

7. Ice Instant Shine: Rinse entire vehicle with Ice Instant Shine.